Dear community members, 
Assalamu Alikum wa rahmatu Allah,
 It is realized that this pandemic has slowly affected the Interaction between community members and the attachment to the Masjid.   We have done many children programs and are planning to design more programs, however, the Brothers and Sisters program need is there. 
Therefore, Sheikh Aref has come-up with the following weekly program on zoom. So that community member, Masjid administration, and Sheikh can participate. We will be calling guest speakers to give lectures on a variety of topics also. ( Zoom Link Below). Insha’Allah.
So please participate and make it successful. 

Week 1 November 6th, 2020

Series 1: Creed

A) Belief in Allah Textual and rational proof
B) Belief in Allah’s Names and Attributes Textual and rational proof
C) Belief in the Angles Textual and rational proof
D) Belief in the books of Allah the Almighty Textual and rational proof
E) Belief in the messengers Textual and rational proof
F) Belief in the last Day Textual and rational proof
G) Belief in Divine Decree, Qadha and Will Qadar Textual and rational proof
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Week 2 November 13th, 2020

Series 2: Etiquette

A) Etiquette Related to intention
B) Etiquette and behavior towards Allah
C) Etiquette with the word of Allah, The noble Quran
D) Etiquette the reciting of the Quran
E) Etiquette with Allah’s messenger
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Week 3 November 20th, 2020

Series 3: Etiquette continue

A) Etiquette towards oneself
B) Etiquette with others
C) Etiquette with parents
D) Etiquette with children
E) Etiquette with siblings
F) Etiquette between spouses
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Week 4 November 27th, 2020

Series 4: Character

A) Good Character and its explanation
B ) Patience and perseverance
C) Reliance upon Allah and self – sufficiency
D) Selflessness
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Week 5 December 4th, 2020

Series 5: Character continue

A) Justice and Equity
B ) Mercy
C) Modesty
D) Ihsan
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Week 6 December 11th, 2020

Series 6: Bad Characteristics

A) Oppression
B) Envy
C) Cheating
D) Showing off (Riya)
E) Inability and Laziness
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Week 7 December 18th, 2020

Series 7: Acts of Worship

A) The ruling of purification
B) What Purifies
C) The Explanation of Filth
D) Wudhu (Ablution)
Its legislation
Virtues of Wudhu
The obligatory elements of Wudhu
The Sunan of Wudhu
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Week 8 December 25th, 2020

Series 8: Acts of Worship

A) Ghusl (complete bath)
   Its legislation
   When is obligatory?
   The Obligatory elements
   The Sunan Elements
   The manner of performing Ghusl
B ) At – Tayammum ( using earth for purification)
   Its legislation
   When is Lawful?
   The Obligatory elements
   The Sunan Elements of Tayammum
   Things that invalidate Tayammum
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Woodlands Islamic Center inviting you to a scheduled weekly Zoom meeting

Time: Starting form Friday Nov 6, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)-Time|: between Magrib and Isha prayersEvery week on Fri, 7 occurrence(s)

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Zoom Meeting Details

Meeting ID: 879 2551 6160

Passcode: 298168

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+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 879 2551 6160

Passcode: 298168

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kbAdhgsXH

For details call Brother Ayaz -cell: 7135533527


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