19 Feb 2021

Assalam Alaikum Community members,

1. As a principle, we follow the instructions of local administration ( Montgomery county). The severe weather in the last few days, and days ahead has made everyone’s life difficult. With power outages and water shortage, once again emphasised that as a community we are not ready for such weather events.
Therefore, our priority should be to be safe and protect the community.
In view of the weather, the Imam has been asked not to attend the Masjid and regular attendees have been advised accordingly.
The Masjid will remain closed, until the weather improves. Hopefully, by Friday things may improve, but please do not come to the Masjid until advised otherwise.

2. Due to the COVID-19 increasing cases, low response to membership campaign and insufficient time for the current administration to perform, and on recommendation of combined Executive Board and Board of Trustees, The Chairman of the Board of Trustee, has postponed the election until March 2022. This was a difficult decision to make and we request your understanding.
The website will be updated accordingly.

Should you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to contact any board member.

Thank you and JazakAllah
WIC Administration.

Dear Parents and Children,
Assalam Alaykum,

We know that it is tough to be staying indoors and with no programs in the Masjid, the kids must be bored.
Therefore, WIC management has decided to organize a Summer Virtual Camp, to keep the children occupied and learn.
In this camp, the children will learn Qur’an, Hadith, Dua, Islamic History, and Islamic studies, plus some fun stuff also.

The program laid out will be strictly followed and children will be asked to log in to zoom every Monday to Wednesday at 12:00 pm.


Virtual Camp Start date and Time:

Wednesday 15th July at 11:30 am ————————- Introduction and curriculum details.

Monday to Wednesday Programs:

12:00- 12:30 ————————– Learn Qur’an, Learn Dua.
12:30-01:00 ————————— Learn Hadith, Stories of the Prophet (PBUH) and His companions (R.A).
01:00-01:30 ————————— Islamic Studies.
01:30-01:45 ————————— Fun and games.

Last date of the Camp/ Farewell

Wednesday 19th August 2020 at 01:30 pm.

Please register your children, by emailing the names of the kids on the following email address or text on 7135533527.
[email protected]

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel contact on the number given above.

WIC Management.